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In Learning Spanish with Johanna we believe that learning a second language should be engaging, interactive, fun, and joyful! Our program incorporates song and movement to teach children Spanish. Why do we do this? Research has proven that the more senses are involved, the greater the experience and the stronger the memory that is formed. Music and movement are developmentally appropriate tools, facilitates language fluency, and above all else, are joyful. And, singing is a successful way to retain information since the brain connects music with long-term memory. Johanna encourages speaking out loud and singing so participants are mimicking what they hear and thus imprinting new words and phrases into their brains. We believe and we have seen from experience, that children can learn a second language easily when they are engaged in a sensory and multi-modality experience that they enjoy.

The Team



Advocates for making the teaching/ learning of Spanish experience fun for kids, driving the rest of the team crazy sometimes with her never-ending perfectionist ideas!

Johanna loves music and records/writes/sings songs constantly for teaching and just about anything else.

Associates words with fun movements as part of her teaching method.

Invents games constantly to teach and interact with her students, her children, or anybody that will spend time with her.

Works constantly and for long periods of time creating the materials needed for this program in order to keep it fun and interactive.



He is always on a task, either producing an album (on his recording studio), filming /producing videos, or performing live. He is an amazing musician and guitar player.

Besides recording and producing our music, he is also involved in composing the songs along with Johanna and plays about any instrument needed for it.

Takes care of the video side of our projects, setting up green screens, microphones, sound, filming, editing, and spending lots of hours making sure the end product is as perfect as possible.



With his creative mind and easygoing personality, he is patient enough to hear what we need and display it into great illustrations. He comes up with all of the visual designs for this project!

He is also one of our website builders and designers.

Besides all of the above, Davey is also a graphic designer and a professional photographer, so if we need a picture, he is our guy.

And how cool is this… He is Matt’s bother!

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