Singing Spanish vocabulary with my students is a great tool for learning and has become my greatest passion over the years. Not only does this come naturally to me as a singer/songwriter, but it is great fun for the children to learn by singing. My wish in creating these CD’s is not only to make your learning/teaching easier, but to also provide a way of having fun while doing it!


CD Level 1

$15 CD                                                                      

(mp3 included under email request)

Track List

1. Hola (Hello)
2. Colores (Colors)
3. Números del 1 al 10 (Numbers from 1 to 10)
4. Mi Cara (My Face)
5. Mi Cuerpo (My Body)
6. MI Familia (My Family)
7. Números del 11 al 20 (Numbers from 11 to 20)
8. Las Mascotas (Pets)
9. ¿Qué Clima hace hoy? (What is today’s Weather?)
10. Los Días de La SemaNa (The Days of The Week)
11. Los Animales de La Granja (The Farm Animals)
12. Los Meses del Año (The Months of the Year)
13. ¿Qué Ropa tienes? (What clothes are you wearing?)
14. Números de 10 en 10 (Numbers 10 by 10)
15. Adiós (Goodbye)

CD Level 2


(mp3 songs only, physical CD coming soon)

Track List

  1. Positions (Posiciones).
  2. The Alphabet ( El abecedario)
  3. Let’s go! (Vámonos!)
  4. Let’s eat! (Comamos!) 
  5. Opposites (Opuestos)
  6. The body #2 (El cuerpo #2)
  7. My head (Mi cabeza)
  8. Professions (Profesiones)
  9. At the restaurant ( En el restaurante)
  10. The zoo (El zoólogico)
  11. The weather #2 (El clima #2)
  12. Seasons of the year (Estaciones del ano)
  13. At the school (En la escuela)
  14. What time is it? (Qué hora es?)
  15. Basic questions (Preguntas básicas)

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