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~Teaching new vocabulary

Note: Dedicate at least two to three classes to each lesson. On day one, you can do steps 1 and 2, and on day two you can do step 3, etc. It will depend on your child’s way of learning.

Choose the lesson you want to teach (we will use Colors as an example) 

  • Go to the icon “Song Videos” Have your student learn the song and motions by watching the song video titled Colors. 


  • Go to the icon “Songs” and click on the picture titled Colors. You will see the vocabulary and also the option of playing the song. Play the song and have your student sing it pointing to the colors, then have your student say the colors out loud (no singing this time). 


  • Go to the icon “Lesson Videos” have your child watch the video titled Colors. (Your child can watch it two times on different days to help reinforce vocabulary) 
  • Print the vocabulary. Go to the icon “Vocabulary”, click on the picture titled ‘Colors’ and click ‘download PDF’. You can use it to create note cards or keep them as a journal for you and your child. Since it has the words in it, it will also help when they work on the worksheet. 


  • Once the child has learned the vocabulary it’s time for the Worksheet. At the end of every lesson, we will do a worksheet. Depending on the lesson some worksheets will take more work than others but in essence, all of them will require your child to use them interactively! To do so, go to the icon “Worksheet Games” and follow the instructions of the page. 

You have completed your lesson! Don’t forget to go back to your worksheet binder at least once a month and practice the vocabulary! 


~ Suggested Curriculum

This is the order that I go by when I’m teaching Spanish. You don’t have to do it exactly as I do, but I find it helpful to start with certain things first and then move on to other subjects. Why? Because the children can apply past knowledge to the newer lessons and build from there. All we want is for the children to reinforce as much as possible what they learned and to make connections. 

  • LEVEL – Beginners (CD#1)

I incorporate the pronoun Yo (me) in a lot of these subjects. The phrases Yo tengo (I have), Yo quiero (I want), Yo necesito ( I need), are used a lot when it applies. For example, Yo tengo dos hermanas (I have two sisters).

  1. Greeting and Goodbye
  2. Colors
  3. Numbers 1-10* 
  4. Face
  5. Body
  6. Numbers 10-20*
  7. Family 
  8. Pets
  9. Weather* 
  10. Farm
  11. Clothes

Days of the week and months of the year: I don’t usually introduce these subjects until I know that the children are old enough to understand the concept. Once they understand it, I teach it and use it every day in different activities. 

*Numbers: Review numbers constantly, I like to do it jumping, clapping, turning around, etc. Moving while they are counting it’s fun and it benefits the children in many different ways. 

*Weather: Once I introduce weather words, I will make a weather watching activity as part of every class. One child at the time looks out the window and says the weather as the whole classroom asks the question: Qué Clima Hace Hoy?

  • LEVEL – Advanced beginners (CD#2)

Remember to apply past knowledge to the newer lessons and build from there!

I incorporate the pronouns Yo (me), El (he), and Ella (she) in a lot of these subjects: The phrases Yo soy (I am), el es (he is), ella es (she is), yo tengo (I have), el tiene (he has), ella tiene (she has), yo quiero (I want), el quiere (he wants), ella quiere (she wants). For example: Yo tengo dos ojos cafes (I have two brown eyes).

  1. The Alphabet 
  2. My head (Face Pt2)
  3. My Body #2
  4. The zoo 
  5. Opposites
  6. The weather #2
  7. Seasons of the year
  8. At the school 
  9. Positions 
  10. Let’s eat! (Food)
  11. At the restaurant 
  12. Let’s go! 
  13. What time is it? 
  14. The Alphabet Pt 2 (Lesson Video)
  15. Basic questions 
  16. Professions 


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