Why Us? | Learning Spanish with Johanna


Johanna is a native Spanish speaker as well as a professional teacher and musician. Over the past decade, she has used her talents to teach Spanish in a unique way to children from all around the world. Her infectious enthusiasm and proven methods of teaching make her a trusted and skilled educator.


-Movement with intention anchors learning and prepare the brain for learning? (Blaydes 2000)


-Meaningful learning requires “relaxed alertness, immersion, and active processing”. (Caine & Caine, 1990)


-Science is proven that the more senses are involved in the learning process, the greater the experience and the greater the memory that is formed.


-A song gives students a chance to reduce information into parts yet work with is as a whole.


-Songs have proven to be a successful way to retain information since the brain connects music with the long-term memory.


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